Want To Make A Difference With The Arts?

What is ArtsXplore 2.0?

ArtsXplore 2.0 is a youth-centric arts incubation and mentorship programme that runs from December 2021 to March 2022. ArtsXplore 2.0 believes we can change and influence issues that we care about through art-making. The 4-month arts mentorship programme is open for all youths in Singapore aged 15 to 35 years old who want to make a difference with the arts.

The Five Themes

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

  • Food security
  • Zero Waste (reduce waste, encourage use of reusables and recycling)
  • SG Clean (fostering good hygiene habits and culture of keeping surroundings clean)

Support for Vulnerable Groups

  • Helping vulnerable families/individuals affected by COVID-19
  • Support for migrant workers
  • Appreciation for low wage workers

Jobs and Future of Work

  • Jobs and career guidance
  • The future workplace
  • Adapting to a new normal

Mental Well Being

  • Reducing stigma
  • Enhancing peer support
  • Normalising help-seeking behaviour
  • Addressing shortfall of support avenues
  • Addressing mental health stressors due to COVID-19


  • No one gets left behind
  • Learning and growing through shared diversity
  • Recognising and valuing each others' unique contributions
  • Welcoming our unique and authentic selves to the table


Jeffrey Tan

Theatre Today

Established in 2016 by Singapore based experienced Theatre Director and Creative Producer Jeffrey Tan, Theatre Today aims to bring independent artists together for arts projects that celebrates the diversity of stories and lived experiences through intergenerational arts/theatre workshops, creative development, commissions, special events and site-specific productions. Theatre Today’s motto of ‘capturing imagination at play’ can be seen in the numerous creative projects and collaborations in Singapore and Australia.

Project Mentors

Youths will be exposed to different artists and artforms addressing the five themes each month. Teams will also receive

mentorship to fine tune their project pitch/prototype (project prototypes may be exhibited in Somerset Belt).

Guest Speakers

Youths will hear from different guest speakers each session who will share

from their experience as it relates to each of the five themes.

Join us to make a difference!

Use your creativity to influence the issues that you're passionate about


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